Washable Cleaning Sponges

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Plastic free cleaning sponge for kitchen and bathroom

Made of organic cotton + organic linen or organic cotton terry

100% Zero Waste + biodegradable

Reusable cleaning helper – washable up to 60

Made in Vorarlberg, Austria in a social facility

These reusable kitchen sponges are an eco-friendly, plastic-free alternative to traditional disposable scrub sponges. You can also use them to clean your bathroom and the rest of the house. Find out more

Washable kitchen and bathroom cleaning sponges

These reusable kitchen sponges are an eco-friendly, plastic-free alternative to traditional disposable scrub sponges. You can also use them to clean your bathroom and the rest of the house. Afterwards, you can simply wash the sponges in the washing machine and reuse them. All sponges are hand sewn by people from a social institution in Vorarlberg, Austria. The scrubbing sponge is a super cleaning helper in the kitchen and bathroom.

Our models:

  • Linen made from organic linen and organic cotton is an allrounder – it also removes crusty due to the coarse linen fabric
  • Soft and absorbent made of waffle structure cotton with organic terry is super absorbent and ideal for cleaning
  • Supreme made of organic waffle structure cotton + premium linen fabric are super suitable as an all-round sponge. It is both absorbent and the linen side is ideal for encrustations.

Fabric characteristics

  • The waffle structure is very absorbent due to the enlarged surface. The terry fabric is a soft, absorbent fabric alternative.
  • The organic linen fabric of the other two sponges is super suitable for cleaning incrustations and deposits on surfaces and equipment due to its firmer structure.

What makes our sponges special:

  • Each sponge is filled with organic terry cloth, making it super absorbent and plastic-free.
  • The scrub sponge is compostable. All fabrics are made in Europe and have GOTS certification for organic fabrics (except for the Linen Supreme fabric).
  • In addition, all scrub sponges do not cause microplastic when cleaning and washing.

Further information

The scrub sponge is great for cleaning in the kitchen. You use it like conventional kitchen sponges. Moisten the sponge with water and use it to clean dishes and other objects. Use the coarser side to remove stubborn dirt.

Then let them dry in our   kitchen sponge holder or hang them to dry.

Hand sewn in a social institution in Vorarlberg, Austria

Made from organic cotton + organic linen

100% Zero Waste + free from micro plastic


BIO/ORGANIC/GOTS zertifiziert von CERES-082 europäische Produktion

Linen sponge:
Material: 66% organic cotton (GOTS) + 34% organic linen (GOTS) Machine washable up to 60°C.

Sponge soft & absorbent:
Material: 100% organic cotton (GOTS) Machine washable up to 60°C.

Sponge Supreme:
Material: 76% organic cotton (GOTS) + 24% linen Machine washable up to 60°C.

Care: Every few days you wash it in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees and use it again from scratch.

approx. 10 x 14 cm

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Sustainability is a broad topic. Where does it start, where does it end? We believe that the more you know as a consumer, the more consciously you can make your purchasing decisions.






Material 95%
Production 100%
Packaging 100%


Hand sewn in an inclusive workshop in Austria

Our kitchen sponges are made in Vorarlberg, Austria. We work with several inclusive and social workshops in Götzis, Dornbirn and Röthis, who do the cutting and sewing. The paper wrap is applied at the end by us on site in the warehouse and then the sponges are ready for sale.