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“Upcycling” pump head for soap dispenser

Stainless steel top

Perfect for DIY products + glass upcycling

Optional: amber glass refillable

Made in China

These reusable “upcycling” pump heads are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable soap dispensers. You can easily use them to fill jars of your choice. Learn more

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Lotion pump for soap dispenser

The “Upcycling” pump head fits on most universal dispensers (28mm thread bottles).

On refillable jars, the pump head becomes your perfect companion for any liquid products that need a pump head attachment.

Use it as a beautiful soap dispenser, for lotion or liquids like shampoo and conditioner. Keep refilling your jar and screw the pump head back on! Voila, your reusable soap dispenser is ready. Surprise your loved ones with your homemade DIY products in your upcycled jar with pump head!

What makes our lotion pump special:

Many products are usually still made of plastic or cannot be refilled after use. With various DIY recipes or filling stations in your corner unpacked store, you can avoid both the repeated waste of the bottles, as well as the unnecessary transport of them. This upcycling pump head is your ideal companion for a minimalist, eco-friendly everyday life.


Further Information

Shorten the pump head to the selected length (cut the tube at an angle – the slanted end goes down into the jar). Fill your liquid of choice into the jar and screw it shut. Enjoy your soap dispenser.

  • In 7 trendy colors: Gold, copper, dark copper, brass, black, silver and white.
  • Sheath made of 304 stainless steel that protects against corrosion.
  • Riser tube with 20 cm length (can be shortened as desired)
  • Stroke: 2 ml

Material: Plastic (BPA-free) + 304 stainless steel sheath.

Care: Washable with mild detergent by hand – not in the machine

  • Thread Ø 28 mm: For most standard bottles such as: our brew glasses, LemonAid, Jack Daniel’s, Chari Tea, Kaffeetschi,…

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Sustainability is a broad topic. Where does it start, where does it end? We believe that the more you know as a consumer, the more consciously you can make your purchasing decisions.






Material 20%
Production 40%
Packaging 100%


The production of our soap dispenser pump heads is located in southeast China. We have found a reliable company in our partner company, which is specialized in all kinds of soap dispensers. For the production it needs special punching machines. These are expensive and hard to find in Europe, since no company in Europe has specialized in these products in the last decades. So there is no possibility to find a supplier regionally. To do this, one would have to produce very large quantities at a price that is attractive enough for end customers to keep up with the Chinese competition.

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