Double Edge Razor Blades

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Double Edge Razor Blades

Skin friendly

Made in Czech Republic


Tiger is one of the few European producers of razor blades. Find out more

Razor blades made in Czech Republic

These razor blades are sharp, good and made in Europe!

We recommend our razor blades, which are perfectly matched to our razor. Likewise, they fit in any razor, which requires standard blades.

ATTENTION: please use the blades best only 1x or store outside the razor. More information can be found at Material & Care.

Shaving with the razor plane is ideal for both men and women for all shaves, from intimate shaving to shaving three-day beards.

What makes our razor blades special:

These gentle stainless steel blades serve as interchangeable blades for use with classic razors. Our blades are characterized by a long-lasting sharpness. They are one of the few blades that are produced in Europe.

Plastic free

Further informations

Insert blade into the razor head, use 1x (or more), change again and recycle – done!


100% chrome steel

CAUTION NOTE: Most blades are intended to be used only once or not more than a few days – especially not for permanent storage in a razor plane, as the likelihood of rust increases. They are sold as “stainless steel”, which it is by definition, but it is just a material with little chromium and nickel to not lose the properties of a knife. Therefore, after a certain period of time, rust will form if the blade is stored in a humid place.

In order to avoid the adhesion of rust on our razor, it pays to change the blade regularly and not to store it in the razor when it is wet. In case of personal/private use, the blade can be used several times, of course, but to avoid rust, the blade should be dried after shaving and not left in the wet razor for a long time.

Completely stainless blades do not exist, because they would not shave. The more stainless substances are in the steel (nickel, chromium) and thus less carbon, the softer the blade after the hardening process. The blade then loses its shaving properties.

Don’t worry, should it happen to you, it can be easily cleaned with rust cleaner or similar.

L x W: 45 x 25 mm

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Sustainability is a broad topic. Where does it start, where does it end? We believe that the more you know as a consumer, the more consciously you can make your purchasing decisions.






Material 100%
Production 100%
Packaging 100%


Made in Czech Republic

Successful 70 years of production of high quality blades in Jevíčko in the Czech Republic are a result of rich experience, high quality standards, modern technologies and the courage to innovate.

The quality of blades is regularly checked by audits of our customers, international institutions (Intertek, SGS, etc.) and audits of the system management for quality and environment (ISO 9001 and 14001).

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