GC2.0 Head and thread protector

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Blade protection for our GC2.0 razor

Material made from PLA

strong + durable

Made in Austria

Our PLA blade protector is the ideal transport protection for your favorite razor. Find out more

Blade protection for razor GC2.0

We have designed the first ecological blade protection cover, which is made from regional PLA directly in Vorarlberg and with its thickness can withstand much more than conventional protective covers – still completely microplastic-free!

A narrow compartment on top offers you the possibility to store your blade separately and thus protect you from cuts and rust.

We print the protective covers in our 3D printer with eco-energy here on site in Vorarlberg.

You already own a razor and would also like to have this protection? Please note that the razor heads on the market differ. This model was specially adapted to our stainless steel razor GC2.0 – Made in Vorarlberg. The head is a specially shaped head from our family business, therefore the protection is NOT compatible with other razor models.

What makes our blade protector special:

Material made of PLA on the basis of corn starch. Manufactured in Austria. The blade protector is extra strong and unbreakable. It protects the threaded transition of the head part to the handle. It keeps the blade safely inside.

Plastic free

Further informations

Pull the blade guard over the head of the razor, push the blade into the blade compartment. By a slight downward pressure movement, you remove the blade again – voilà!


PLA based on corn starch (Made in Vorarlberg).

Care: rinse with water and then let dry. Not suitable for the dishwasher.

LxWxH: 45 x 24 x 25 mm

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3D Print - Made in Austria

We produce all our 3D products locally in Vorarlberg in our family business. The filament (raw material) we eziehen locally from the Vorarlberg company Extrudr and print with it since 2019 a wide product range.

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