Greencult Razor GC1.1

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Razor Greencult GC1.1 made from 100% stainless steel

100% Made in Austria

CNC machined

Gentle and easy on the skin

Optional: Head protection for transportation

This stainless steel razor is an ecological, plastic-free alternative to traditional disposable plastic razors. Our regional production of high quality stainless steel makes us superior in smoothness, quality and precision. Learn more

Our razor GC1.1 - the All-rounder razor from Austria

Our GC1.1 razor is made of stainless steel 303 / 1.4305 in Austria. Unlike commercial cast razors, which are mostly from Asia, ours is CNC milled. The production from high quality stainless steel offers some advantages like individual tolerances, a better blade fit and a more robust material.

What makes our safety razor so special:

Made 100% in Austria: in our family business in Götzis, Vorarlberg.

functional design: non-slip grooves + extra long handle

Concealed blade ends: A razor head where the razor blade does not protrude from the side – no more unnecessary cutting!

Made of 100% stainless steel → unique selling point on the market: no chrome-plated surface (chemical environmentally harmful production process) due to inferior base material as with many of the other cast razors on the market

our colored handles: noble DLC coating made of carbon – known from luxury watches and cars – especially durable and high quality matt (coating is done here in the 3-country-corner AT/CH/DE in the near vicinity in Switzerland and Southern Germany)

custom-made, plastic-free PLA based blade protector in 5 available colors

Plastic free

Further information

Gap: 0,65 mm

Exposure: 0,10 mm

Our GC1 is an ideal safety razor. Due to its long handle and the soft base plate (Updated in July 2022) the shave is safe, clean and comfortable.

The closed comb feels gentle on the skin during the shaving process and is generally perceived to be gentler on the skin. The comb is great for full body shaving, as well as classic beard growth.

If you have strong beard growth, you should either trim the beard beforehand with this model or the open comb is better suited for you.

November 2019: Our Greencult razor goes live for the first time: with the handle of the current GC1.1, but with a purchased zinc alloy head, because the financial resources are still small.

October 2020: Go-live of the first Greencult razor GC1.0 100% Made in Austria. Now, in addition to the handle, the headpiece is also regionally produced and 100% stainless steel with a gap of 0.95 and a blade exposure of 0.25.

July 2022: Our razor becomes better known, so demand and feedback increases, therefore we decide to launch a premium model with shorter handle and different bottom plates from gentle to aggressive. For this we revise our unisex GC1.1 model a final time according to the feedback of our customers. With a gap of 0.65 and an exposure of 0.1, we have brought an incredibly soft, high-quality and above all affordable unisex entry-level model to the market with the GC1.1, which will remain a fixed part of our Greencult portfolio in this version.

Material: Stainless Steel 303 / 1.4305 from Europe (AT, GER, IT) Care: You will have your safety razor for eternity. Please do not wash your colored handle in the dishwasher, because the salt can damage the DLC coating.

Dimensions: 42 mm x 116 mm
Weight: 119 g

Handle length: 104 mm


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Sustainability is a broad topic. Where does it start, where does it end? We believe that the more you know as a customer, the more consciously you can make your purchasing decisions.






Raw materials 100%
Production 100%
Packaging 100%


Production in our family-business

With the globalization boom of the last decades, most companies have switched to production in the Asian region with pure chrome plating over zinc casting.

Durch meinen Partner, der in 2. Generation einen Metallverarbeitungsbetrieb im Rheintal führt, habe ich mich gemeinsam mit ihm auf den Weg gemacht, um ein hochwertiges Modell aus Österreich auf den Markt zu bringen und für volle Transparenz zu sorgen.

So entstand Ende 2019 das erste Modell mit zugekauftem Kopf aus Asien. Seit 2020 bieten wir unser Modell GC1 an, welches zu 100% bei uns im Familienbetrieb in Vorarlberg, Österreich produziert wird. Mit diesem Modell können wir für die von uns gebotene Qualität einen unschlagbaren Preis anbieten und vertreiben mittlerweile unser Modell weltweit.

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